Wednesday, July 12, 2006

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A little introduction of myself for my first post.

My wife and I on our ROM day. Peishi, I will always cherish you.
I don't have much photos of myself (cos i always the photographer). But this one captures me in action. Adventure sports have always been a big part in my life.

I am proud of my service to my SMU community. Here, i am captured in my moment of glory.

I was formally trained in Architecture and it remains a deep passion. I still hope to practice one day. My dream is to build the icon of Singapore, like what Sydney Opera House is to Australia.

My 2 hamsters. cuteness level A+.

I am an avid photographer. I love to capture nature and life in foreign lands. Here are 2 examples of the marvels of nature.

A little intro. I will post more pics next time. Chocolate for the eyes i hope!


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