Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sharing Nugget #1 (Part 1)

#1: Happiness is not a destination. It is the by-product of the journey.

I when to Yunnan for YEP. My biggest take away from the experience is that the while the people there lived in poverty, with barely enough to eat, they are more contented then the average Singaporean.

This really puts me to shame. We complain so much when we already have so much. I realised that the Yunnan people are happier because they reside their happiness in their everyday life - working hard, meeting friends and co-villagers in the market, having enough to eat, and meeting new people like us. They value community and family. The crime rate is virtually zero.

Whereas many of our people work (with money as the only motivation), thinking money can bring happiness. The Yunnan people really helped me destroys my ignorance. If only our society can be half as polite and courteous as theirs. Thank you for showing me how we can all live in harmony and be truly contented.

Judge for yourself through my lenses.

A day in the office for this gentleman. Do you prefer this or a cubicle?


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