Saturday, July 22, 2006

Sharing Nugget #5

#5: Constantly remind oneself not to take life for granted.

On Thursday, I went down to Ang Mo Kio RC to help in the meet-the-people session (MPS) by Minster Balaji. That was my 2nd time helping out. For one Thursday every month, youths like us (yes, I am “youth”) will get a chance to help residents in need to write appeal letters which will be signed by the MP.

Its quite an experience meeting Singaporeans who are hanging below the poverty line. We conversed mostly in Hokkien and Mandarin, while most Malays and Indians speak fluent English. Some of their stories are heartbreaking.

An old lady pleaded for HDB to allow them to rent a flat because her unemployed son, who is already 40 years old, has not made good (no job, no savings, no wife and kids, compulsive drinker and gambling addict). She reminded me so much of my grandma who is already in her twilight years. I am deeply thankful that she managed to see me commissioned as an officer – which to her is a great honor. It could be her proudest moment in life. (I will share my grandma’s story next time.)

Of course, in the MPS, there are some who are there for trivial matters or foregone cases. However, our listening ear may be the only outlet for their distress.

Also, after the MPS, we will have supper with Dr Balaji. He never fails to open my mind wider. Its as if I am smarter by a few points every time I hear him speak. I thank him for widening my horizons.

When I got home from the past 2 MPS, I felt happy. Partly because I (might) have made a difference in some people’s lives; and partly because I have seen what other unfortunate Singaporeans are going through - which I will use against myself whenever I get myopic and wanting to whine about stuff.

MPS is a good source of reminder that I should not take life for granted. Whats a little hardship in work or study when compared to what the poor people are going through?

Wake up your idea, Renjie.


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Good that you've found this an useful channel. Pity that this is a lesser known sphere to the rest of the population.

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