Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Sharing Nugget #7

#7: In War, both sides lose.

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Imagine this is a pic of the streets of Singapore.
Imagine your brother or father or boyfriend going to war.

Imagine they might never come back again.
Imagine your mum going to the supermarket and get killed by a rocket.
Imagine the pain of the father whose daughter is killed in a suicide bombing while on her way to pick up her prom dress.

How does all these make sense?

In the coverage of the current conflict, we can hear stories of pain, sufffering and hatred. Israelis die by random rocket fire, hundreds of Lebanonese civilians killed in "precision strikes". Who's actually winning?

I pray for that we in modern Singapore never have to go through a war. But we are always very close to it. There are terrorist around us who wants to create mayhem. We have our equivalent of Hizballah - the JI. We are a nation stuck in between Muslim States - just like Israel. Only difference is that religious tolerance prevails and dominates here. If JI is allowed to function like Hizballah, peace will be an illusive term.

I am thankful for peace.

Because in war, both sides lose.


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