Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sharing Nugget #11

#11: Life is fragile.

Today, I found that one of our SMU year 2 accountancy student, Chow Guan Ren, has passed away last night due to a traffic accident. I do not know him personally. But some friends of mine are in the circle of friends. I heard that Guan Ren’s close friends are distraught.

My condolences go to all who know him. I have seen first hand how hard it is to lose a son or brother. I have experienced how hard it is to lose a friend. Nobody deserves to go through this pain.

This incident comes a few weeks after my mum told me about a distant family friend who died in a motorcycle accident. His death was horrific - so bad that the wife was only allowed to see the face of her husband.

I always think of all the things that these deceased left behind… the pain of their loved ones, their plans for the next week, the overseas trip they were planning for, the email from friends left unread, or the dreams left unfulfilled.

Imagine that Guan Ren’s name is still recorded under BOSS where he has successfully bidded his modules. It makes me sad. So young. So wasted.

Take care of yourself friends. Before you decide to risk it to dash across the road, or step on that bike accelerator, think of the people and future you might leave behind should you run into trouble. Because, friends, life is fragile.


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