Thursday, August 10, 2006

Sharing Nugget #12

#12: How making a difference in other’s lives makes a difference in ours.

Just came back from Run 1 of the Freshmen Teambuilding Camp. The camp was a climatic conclusion to months of work over the summer for both us, the senior facilitators, and of course, my dear facilitators. I can see that the facis went through a truly intense 3 days.

Here is what I learn from them:

1) There are people out there who “do not just talk, but actually DO it”.

I use to think that in SMU, we only have very few people who have the true heart to serve in SMU. Now I realize that, there are many of them out there – who are just waiting to be directed to the right places where they can change lives.

During the camp, I was very tired. But seeing the dedication of the facis, it stroked the fire in me. It gave me energy to wake up both mornings just after 3 hours of sleep. They gave their all. Facis, I salute you. You do the talk, not just talk the do.

2) Teamwork is beautiful.

How else do you run a camp for 400 freshies? From the main com, to the SF, to the Facis, to the helpers, the OSL staffs and FIT instructors, everyone worked with ONE intention in mind – to make this camp a success. And what a beautiful job it is.

3) We can be serious and have fun at the same time.

The facis showed me that we can both be people and task oriented at the same time. We all had fun! And we all got the job done. Simple as that.

4) Strong bonds are hard to break

When me and Mel boarded the bus home, after waving our facis goodbye, we felt a deep sadness. We talked about how we have influenced them. We smiled when we remember that they adopted some of our methods and put it to good use.

We realize that we were sad because it is over for the run 1 people. Our times spent the common ground we built, the experiences we share, and the trust, friendship and respect we had, runs deep in our hearts.



I will miss everyone.

Also, during the camp, I keep thinking: I am crazy to have volunteered for Run 3. But now as I am writing, I can feel that I am ready for run 3. In fact, I am going down to help out in Run 2 later. The com has sent out a distress signal for helpers. The few of us decided to help with a single second of hesitation.

This is our show. This is what SMU students can do. The camp is not perfect. (No camp is) But the spirit is. To me, this display of the SMU spirit is the best initiation that freshies can have. We have showed them where passion can bring them, how teamwork is so beautiful, and how action speaks louder than works.

For these 3 Runs, we put aside our differences, and we work as ONE. I feel a sense of belonging. I feel a sense of pride. I feel touched.

2 more runs to go people. Hang in there. Cos making a difference in other’s lives makes a difference in ours too.

People, you changed my life. Thank you.


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