Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sharing Nugget #13

#13: We never know how much we can learn by opening up our eyes and minds for just 3 days.

Just came back from Run 2 yesterday.

I did not help much (cos so many people facis came down to help - thank you), but I sure saw a lot of things for myself in just 3 days.

For one, I saw how big an improvement the 2nd run is over the 1st. I though long and hard about it. I figured that it is sound to assume that the characteristics of the freshies and the facis are the same. So what cause the difference?

1) Could be that the run 1 freshies came in with a mindset that the FTB sucks. (As I found out was told to them by people who ran other camps outside the FTB). But word got out from run 1 people to run 2 people that it is not so bad after all.

2) It is obvious that the programs were well twigged according to the learnings from run 1. Kudos to the com. The flow was tightened, processes more fluid, campfire more happening.

3) Also, I noticed that many facis from run 2 came down for run 1. So they had a good idea of what to expect, and can address those issues from the start.

I found out that a few facis from run 1 were quite disappointed that the energy level for run 2 was much better. I hope that they understand it is not that they did not do a good job. But rather, it is just natural that we learn and improve.
In this run 2, I learnt a few other things too.

a) The joy of being with friends and making new ones. I got to know a few people better. And some of them amaze me with their detachment from their physical stereotype. (frivolous looking but has good heart).

b) That there are people who want to join SCD! I was pleasantly surprised that a few of my friends actually are interested in joining us. I though all along that our reputation was not very attractive!

c) A few of them showed me that while we may get tired, our passions that drives us are hard to extinguish. Some of them slog on even thou they are on medication or lacked sleep. Kudos to you people.
Now, looking ahead for run 3 tomorrow, I was pondering: how involved should I be for my new section? (especially when I did not take them personally for the training) This question is critical cos I discovered in both previous runs that if we are involved too much, we are stealing the facis’ show. But if we too detached, we would not be able to prevent some of the problems a few of them might face – (like resistance to learning, negative influence by freshie to freshie, and uttering vulgarities at female facis).

I think the answer lies in a book by Robert Baer, (See no Evil), where he said, “the best way for someone to learn is to go out there and do it, with somebody looking over their shoulder”. This is such a great insight. Just let the facis go out there and do their stuff, if they do well, they have acquired valuable life skills and experience. If not, we will intervene and coach them if they run into trouble.

So, Run 3 facis, this is your show. Give everything you have. We never know how much we can learn by opening up our eyes and minds for just 3 days. And only you can do that for the freshies.

Go out there and make a difference.

P.S. I heard that ExPLOR is here to stay! YES!


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