Friday, August 18, 2006

Sharing Nugget #14

#14: The power of conviction.

This is a tribute to all those who believed in FTB Camp and made it happen.

As I sat on the canteen bench during the last day (Day 9) of the FTB Camp, I already started to feel nostalgic.

I saw the freshmen losing themselves in the heat of the final challenge. But surreally, some helpers from the logistic com were quietly keeping the stores amidst the fever. As the final challenge ended, I saw genuine joy in the faces of some programs committee members.

That moment, a smile came on my face. I am heartened by the quiet commitment by the people who sacrificed their summer to make FTB Camp happen. These people walked the talk.

As I shifted my bum from the bench to the table, (better position to think about things), I tried to find a word that can summarize the power that brought everyone together to play this beautiful orchestra for the freshmen. I believe that word is “Conviction”.

It is the conviction that it is worth sacrificing personal time and efforts to do something (or serve) the school, that every little effort counts, that everyone can play a part and make a difference, that we can show the freshmen what SMU is about; that gave everyone the motivation to walk on.

Kudos to the organizing committee. I will always remember how Nuha and Rash manning the log counter with masking tape quotes all over the place, how Steve and his gang ran the programs and improve it so much over the few days, how Don make his “presence” felt and cared for everyone, how Wanzhen tirelessly manned the CCC without a single word of complain, how BoonKiat still have so much energy and enthusiasm right up to last day, how Susu always scold people, then apologizes for it (you are forgiven), but always gets things done, how Kenneth, Andrew, helpers, facis, SFs, and everyone else gave up sleep to ensure the job is done.

Well people, the job is done. We believed in it. We got it through. I’m sure we made a difference. Not just in the freshmen’s lives, but ours as well.

I am a better person after this experience. Does Experiential learning rocks? You bet.

In the end, we did what we believed is our duty as SMU students. And what conviction we SMU students showed.



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