Friday, August 25, 2006

Sharing Nugget #17

#17: Embrace the Grace of a new lease of life.

It has been an emotionally traumatic week. But “hell week” is finally over.

After deep reflection that lasted a few days, I can now tell the story.

Before this summer, I was going through a very bad phase. I was recovering from a burnt out term where my CCAs took a severe toll on my grades. Thus, I neglected my work in my CCAs. I slept through the term.

But when I started summer, I feel that I was aroused from my slumber. Facilitation woke me up. I saw so much, learned so much. I saw for myself what a high performing team is, how to achieve high task high relationships, how building bonds and friendships is so important, and how we can change lives, including our own.

During this week, the consequences of my slumber came back to haunt me. My legitimacy as a leader is challenged. I know I screwed up. I know I have to accept full responsibility. But on the other hand, I know that I have been reborn, I have woken up, I know what to do now, and I have the confidence to do it.

I want to do it. I want to apply my learnings. I want to give back what I take.

Thus, I ask for a new lease of life.

During tonight’s session, the unhappy ones poured their feelings. They were angry, and they showed it. It was courageous of them to do so. I respect them for that. If it were me, I do not know whether I have the guts to be brutally honest in the face of the accused. I feel sad that I made them have to do this.

I listened.

Then I told my story.

Then I asked for a chance to prove myself. And thanks to a skillfully conducted mediation session by Tim, my boss, it came to an amicable conclusion.

I am given a chance to set things right.

Thank you.

It felt a ray of sunlight shining through the carpet of dark clouds. I was totally drained before tonight’s session. I was emotionally squeezed. Now, I am so relieved of the emotional burden. I caused so much trouble. I am so guilty. I want to make up for it.

I will set things right.

I will work hard for it.

I will use everything in my arsenal.

I will give everything I have.

I will do it.

Because I will tightly embrace the grace of a new lease of life.


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