Monday, August 28, 2006

Sharing Nugget #18

#18: The value of true friends

I am going through and even tougher stage right now.

Apparently, the new lease of life is not to be.

I am in deep deep cesspool.

But what I can take comfort in is that I have friends who are willing to listen, help me sort my thoughts out, and be brutally honest with me. It forces me to tear my ego, pride, narrow-mindedness apart, because if not for true friends, who can we trust? If I stick to my ego, I will lose these friends.

So thank you, for those who listened.

One of them made me think about how I am using this blog.

It reminded me that this blog is an online learning journal of sorts, which I can print out and keep it as a paper journal after I leave SMU, and read it constantly to remind myself of the lessons I learnt in SMU.

This is what sharing in experiential learning is about. It is not about going around teaching people and belting out advice for everyone. Rather, it is about personal growth. And by sharing it here, if someone else can learn something from it too, it will be a bonus! Thank you for your reminder.

End of the day, I am glad I have friends who dares to be honest with me, even though I am down in difficult times. This is the value of true friends.


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