Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sharing Nugget #29

#29: Aquascaping is also therapeutic.
I came home today and found out that my new aquatic plant is photosynthesizing!
Whoo Hoo! It means that it is adapting to the aquarium and is doing well. I am very happy because this sort of plant is the most beautiful ones around when they produce oxygen. Check it out for yourself.

Never been so excited about photosynthesis since primary school.

Check out my Cherry Shrimp busking in the vegetation.

Now a Melaya Shrimp joins in the fun.

Looks like it just snowed in the fish tank!

Nice isn't it? I always spend some time , when I reach home, to observe how my little fishes and shrimps wander around aquascape I have meticulously (read stock by stock, grass by grass) planted. It is very relaxing and takes my mind off work. Not to mention it is a great display in a room.

It has been almost a year since I took up aquascaping. It is not a cheap hobby. (No figures here if not I will get ear pulling.) I went from amateur hobbyist to an enthusiast who scouts Singapore on weekends to find rare aquatic plants. It is the satisfaction of recreating nature that is hidden away from view that is most fulfilling.

And guess who I met at one of the aquarium shops? Mr Alan Goh, Director of SMU Office of Undergraduate Admissions! We chatted as fellow enthusiast. It was a npleasant surprise. We promised to exchange notes. He even mentioned inviting me over to his place to see his aquarium. (Maybe not la, shy.)

I just revamped my 2 tanks. Once they are more lush, I will post the pictures!

Watch this space.


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