Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sharing Nugget #32

#32: Aquascaping is Therapeutic Part II
Took some time off studying for mid-terms and when shopping for fishes, shrimps and plants.
Here is the accomplishment after a hard day's planning and work. (Yes, aquascapes needs planning)

The new scape. The tied up bunch of plants in the foreground will grow into the light green bush on middle right. It will carpet the whole bed in weeks time. It will be a glorious sight. Its quite tedious to do each wrap on a wire mesh. It is delicate work. But the patience needed to do it relaxes me and slows me down. Nice.
I added a total of 30 bumble bee shrimps to the tank. Not cheap. But they are beautiful. I cannot quite capture them grazing on the "grass", (I will keep trying), but I love it when they explores the place. Brillant. Here's one swimming fter the other! So cute.
Here's how they look like up close.
It was a great way to spend a relaxing weekend.
My wife and I were discussing that sitting together on the bus as it weaves through the quieter streets was nice way to spend some quiet time together. Usually, when there's a nice show, we will go catch it, and have a nice meal in town. But this traveling to aquarium shops from jalan kayu (reachable only by a nice stroll into the farmways), and then to balestier (best 2 shops in S'pore) was a break from the crowd that throngs town on weekends.
Man, I dislike crowded places. We were supposed to relax. Queueing, squeezing, waiting for crowded buses, withstanding the odors in such packed buses is the deal in S'pore. So today's traveling was a welcome breeze. We had a hearty meal in a heartland coffeshop, and we enjoyed ourselves.
One day when I have a car, (When I back in SAF), I will bring my wife to reserviors and beaches to relax. (I know some great picnic spots in pierce reservior etc which are only reachable by car). For now, we have to settle for something else.
We all need to consiously slow down regularly, catch our breaths, and live to fight another day. It was only an afternoon trip, but I was recharged and finished 2 chapters sitting in front of my refurbished tank.
It was a nice day.


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