Friday, October 06, 2006

Sharing Nugget #34

#34: A reflection on marriage.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival people.

Today, I received an email in Chinese from a friend. Because it is so fallacious, it made me laugh. This is the translation. It is so like a homework for 'Analytical Skills'!

Human being = eat + sleep + go to work + play
Pig = eat + sleep
Human = Pig + go to work + play
Human – play = Pig + go to work.

Thus, A human that doesn’t play is a Pig that goes to work.

A Man = eat + sleep + make money for family
Pig = eat + sleep
A Man = Pig + make money for family
Pig = A Man - make money for family

Thus, a man that does not bring home the dough is a pig.

A Woman = eat + sleep + spend husband’s money
Pig = eat + sleep
A Woman = Pig + spend husband’s money
A Woman - spend husband’s money = Pig

Thus, a woman that doesn’t spend her husband’s money is a pig!

In conclusion:

If a man doesn’t want to wife to be a pig, make money for her to spend!

If a woman doesn’t want to husband to be a pig, then spend his money!

My goodness, hope my wife doesn’t see this. Haha.


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