Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Sharing Nugget #43

#43: Why some people are resistant to change; even if it leads to greater good.

I recently saw Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth”. Here’s the low-down:

Global Warming:
Is REALLY killing the planet (See for yourself).
Is caused by CO2 emissions.
To reduce CO2 emissions,
We must shift norms.
Norms of using fossil fuels to norms of clean energy
Norms of big oil companies to high tech firms
Norms of people who survives on jobs in the traditional energy industry to high tech energy industry.
But norms are almost impossible to shift.
Because of resistance from capitalists of oil companies,
And from politicians influenced by such capitalists.
Facts on global warming are even suppressed!
The only consequence of shifting norms are the relocation of wealth between capitalists.
And they are only a handful of people,
Their stake is just to stay or become richer.
A handful of people risking the lives of millions globally for material wealth?
Why not win-win?
Current capitalists can capitalize on the need for renewable energy and make money out of it.
Everyone wins!
(Anyway, US emits 30% of CO2.)
And does it mean, without oil politics, less wars?

Anyway, quote of the day:
“Women are just baby machines” – A certain Japanese Minister.

Out come the rotten tomatoes!


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