Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sharing Nugget #47

#47: I Remember.

It has been a year since I lost a friend. This Channel News Asia article brought all the memories back. And the sadness back. I remember. Everything.

At least now I know what really happened...

SAF commando drowning at camp ruled a misadventure by court

SINGAPORE : The death of a commando who drowned at a pool training last year was ruled a misadventure in court on Friday.

His instructors were also found not guilty of criminal negligence.

24-year-old Lieutenant Lionel Lin was having water-treading training at Hendon Camp Swimming Pool when the incident happened.

The drill requires trainees to use both hands to hold up a machine gun slung to their body and stay afloat in water at a distance of not more than two to three metres from the gutter.

A coroner’s inquiry on Friday revealed that the training that day was part of Lieutenant Lin's second attempt to pass an elite training course.

He had failed to complete it in 2004.

Lieutenant Lin was a trainee at the 2006/2007 Special Operations Force course.

During the drill on 20 June 2006, one of the instructors noticed the serviceman moving vigorously in water and breathing heavily.

When asked whether he could continue, Lieutenant Lin said yes.

Trouble started when he tried to swim back to the gutter.

He was last seen sinking despite trying to swim with side strokes.

He had stopped breathing by the time he was pulled out of the water.

Camp doctors failed to resuscitate him.

He was pronounced dead at Changi General Hospital. - CNA /ls


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