Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sharing Nugget #51

#51: Prof tell stories.

Here are some gems shared by my "Living Better: Literature and Technology" Prof, Kirpal Singh:

1. Kirpal: The number of younger adults who drink is hitting the roof. Most of them are professionals – which allow them to spend hundreds a night for drinking. These professionals are increasingly feeling “hollow” with their lives and need alcohol to “fill” it up.
1.1 My reflection: So the question is, does earning more make one happier or live better? Not Necessary. I will vote for job fulfillment anytime.

2. Is “living better” having to constantly prove oneself? Some individuals spend their lives living a life what other might think they should – to get approval from parents, friends, siblings etc.
2.1 My reflection: Some parents does expect so much from their kids that it is actually psychologically harmful to the child.

3. Kirpal: Guy drives at midnight. No other cars on road. Comes to junction. Red light for him. Sees no other cars around, drives through. Camera captures the offence.
In a foreign country, the guy argued in court that he should not be fined because he is of a higher intelligence from the machines (red lights) – he made a decision that it is safe, and his assessment is better than the machine’s. And he is vindicated!
But in Singapore, that guy might get a double penalty for that argument. It says something.
But whats more critical is, can Singaporeans even be creative like that?
3.1 My reflection: I say not many!


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